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Welcome to the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership

What is it: FREE, voluntary, environmental assistance and business recognition program.

Goal: promote improved environmental and economic performance and enhance public recognition of environmental excellence.

Commitment: Members are committed to go beyond compliance with existing environmental regulations using pollution prevention strategies and implementation of best management practices.

Who runs it: the Environmental Assistance Office of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation and the Vermont Small Business Development Center.

Who should join: businesses that want to communicate that your organization shares this environmental ethic and backs it up in action and deed.

Standards: Businesses must achieve a set of seven environmental standards and select from a set of best environmental management practices.


Members: All businesses can join the program as an Environmental Partner when they satisfy the basic standards.

Environmental Leaders: Environmental Leaders must satisfy additional, more rigorous standards. Leader designation reflects a higher degree of commitment to pollution prevention, regulatory compliance, and exemplary environmental management practices.

Sector Programs: Certain business sectors have taken a lead role in sustainability and environmental conservation. These sectors have industry specific best management environmental practices that are recognized nationally or often globally. Vermont has created the following sector specific programs. Each title is a link to those pages.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a member.

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